BanCorp Targeting Corona Del Mar Real Estate Market to Elevate Brand Awareness and Increase Market Share - While it Continues Marketing Effort In Newport Beach Housing Market

Posted by BanCorp Properties on Thursday, February 5th, 2015 at 11:20am.

BanCorp Properties: Corona Del Mar Homes For Sale


This is a reblog to a press release released on PR.Com on Thursday 

Bancorp Properties announced on Thursday that it was stepping up efforts in the Corona Del Mar community of Newport Beach in combined marketing effort that focuses both on the low historical mortgage interest rates which continue to prevail in conjunction with a renewed focus in internet advertising.

It is widely expected that the Federal Reserve will not adjust interest rates upward at the first part of the year, with no changes expected until at least the third or fourth quarters of 2015. The Corona Del Mar real estate market is considered a high-end market, with the market values of homes being significantly higher than average for the remainder of South Orange County. The low rates allows borrowers to have increased purchasing power, able to command a higher priced property than if interest rates were higher, making the Corona Del Mar housing a more attractive option currently, especially if buyers take into account that interest rates are expected to trend higher. Even though Corona Del Mar attracts more cash buyer’s, proportional to the remainder or Orange County, there is still a large market for buyer’s who need to secure financing.

BanCorp Properties: Corona Del Mar Luxury Real Estate For Sale

The Corona Del Mar market is an extremely popular option for people interested in living close to the ocean, and because of this high demand, the inventory of homes for sale in Corona Del Mar tends to remain fairly stable. BanCorp believes that the Corona Del Mar real estate market is a strategic one, and the company simply can’t ignore it while it continues its market expansion throughout Orange County. The company believes that by allocating additional resources to social media postings, in combination with a heightened attention to internet adverting, in combination with the low interest rates should allow the company to secure additional market share. BanCorp already has a fairly significant presence in the Newport Beach housing market, so a targeted campaign into Corona Del Mar would not be as if the company was attempting to move into a brand new market.

BanCorp Properties said on Thursday that if it wants to increase its inventory of homes for sale in Corona Del Mar, it likely could be accomplished with a increased and focused social media postings to not only the most well known hubs such as Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, but also through focusing on some of the smaller, less known ones. The company believes that one of the fringe benefits of a marketing campaign such as this, where it is zeroing in on the Corona Del Mar Real Estate Agent for the purpose of drawing attention to particular properties, would be that the organization could add to it base of Newport Beach real estate professionals. The Corona Del Mar real estate markets is one of the most competitive in Southern California, being aggressively marketed to by the national real estate companies as well as the medium sized regional companies. The company hopes to be able to secure more representations as buyer’s agents as well as listing agent’s assignments.

About BanCorp Real Estate Group: BanCorp Properties specializes in residential single-family-residences, condominiums, townhomes, condominiums, rental properties and investment properties. BanCorp is represented in 16 South Orange County cities and has been in business since 1995. As a South Orange County Real Estate Broker, BanCorp plays an active role in each community it serves in and fully supports equal housing and truth in real estate. 

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