BanCorp Realty’s Principles of Communication

Posted by Greg Steinaker on Monday, January 20th, 2014 at 1:24pm.

The business that communicates together stays together.

People that come to work at BanCorp Realty end up staying here, normally for quite a while. BanCorp’s business is a party and we have invited all of our existing and future team-members to the party. BanCorp’s management team knows that when it gives its team-members really good directions, everyone will have a great time at the party. Communication in business is the map to the party.

Most real estate companies in Orange County are awful at the art of giving directions and their only communication is poor communication. Lack of communication is caused mainly by two things:

  • Companies don’t make communication a priority. 2) Leadership is so arrogant or fearful that they intentionally under communicate.

It is the opinion of BanCorp’s management team that the majority of real estate companies in Orange County use “mushroom communication” with their team: Keep them in the dark and feed them manure.

  • This is the reason for the atrocious turnover elsewhere in the Orange County real estate industry and inability to keep the best most excellent talent. There is a direct correlation between high turnover and faulty client service.

BanCorp has and will continue to have great parties. If we want to create a company that is fun to work for, where productivity and creativity are HUGE, we will maintain a culture of open communication at all times with each and every team-member!

Greg Steinaker, CEO: “If our team-members don’t know what is going on with the company they are by definition not a team, so we end up with employees, (Definition of Employee:“An employee is someone who comes in late, leaves early, and steals (time) while they are there.”) not team-members. When the team doesn’t know what is going on, fear and anger set in. When people don’t know the truth they generally will grow a huge pile of negative garbage in their minds that is 10 times worse than reality.”

Most people assume the worst times 10 when management hasn’t built trust with them by telling them the whole truth. Fear, frustration, anger, and distrust become the company culture when there is poor communication. This all leads to a culture of secrets, gossip and tons of missed opportunities. Greg Steinaker: “…a culture of secrets, gossip and tons of missed opportunities” That is a definition of 95% of Real Estate companies that BanCorp Realty is competing against.

BanCorp Real Estate Group is in the process of hiring excellent Realtor’s. The company is more interested in character and integrity than a professional’s real estate pipeline or projected sales for the next 6 months. BanCorp Realty puts people before profit because it is a purpose-driven company that uses a commonsense approach to real estate. “Why” BanCorp does real estate is much more important than “What” or “How” BanCorp does real estate. To learn more about BanCorp Realty visit us at: or call 949.207.9999 ask to speak with Greg Steinaker.

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