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Posted by Greg Steinaker on Monday, January 13th, 2014 at 11:36am.

God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason

Every rookie-poorly trained real estate agent feels the need to jump into every pregnant pause and add some not-so-brilliant insights. To ask a question from an existing or potential client and then add some more unsolicited information before the question is answered is not only rude, it is completely unprofessional. If you see this embarrassing character flaw in your existing realtor, this should be throwing up red flags all over the place. BanCorp Real Estate Group believes that when a person talks too much and listens too little, what they are doing is communicating to others that they think that their ideas are much more important than other people’s – in other words they are being egotistical. Who wants to do business with an egotistical Orange County Realtor?

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Whatever you focus on – pulls you. Whatever you focus on – gets your attention. So when BanCorp Realty focuses our attention on our client and all of their needs, wants and concerns – instead of our own, we will lead them through the process, going through any obstacle, circumstance, trouble or headache head-on, not trying to navigate around it by pushing our client but rather by pulling our client through it in a position of influence, determination and authority.

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BanCorp Realty is a group of real estate professionals who leads a client. A winner who sets the pace, determining the environment that the process will operate in is not a natural skill that we are born with and it took a lot of practice to develop this talent. We can’t control every circumstance (and it would be insane to even try to) and we can’t always control the way we feel about the other parties to the transaction – good or bad. But we can control the way we think about it by managing the process as a decisive, credible leader who has won our client’s confidence and assurance from the start – by listening more than we talk we know what are clients ultimate goal are and we are able to get them there – easier and faster™.

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