BanCorp Properties Zeroing in on Laguna Beach Real Estate Market - Goal is to Increase Inventory of Laguna Beach Homes For Sale

Posted by BanCorp Properties on Wednesday, February 18th, 2015 at 10:26am.

BanCorp Properties: Laguna Beach Homes For Sale


This is a reblog to a press release released on on Wednesday. 

In an effort to increase market share and secure more buyer’s representations, BanCorp Properties is bringing back its widely popular Buyer’s Rebate program to the Laguna Beach real estate market. The company believes this market is crucial to its success in 2015.

The Laguna Beach community of Orange County is considered a high-end coastal real estate market. The city is found along the Pacific Ocean and is some of the most expensive real estate in California. The community is already to begin aggressively marketed to by the large national agencies and BanCorp believes the timing is good to re-launch its popular buyer’s rebate program as it continues its marketing efforts in the city. The company believes that in doing so, in combination with a multi-pronged marketing effort focusing on internet advertising and targeted social media postings will allow the company to make significant gains.

BanCorp Properties: Laguna Beach Luxury Homes For Sale

With interest rates remaining at near historical lows it allows buyer’s to command more market value than they could when rates were higher – so this is extremely applicable to the Laguna Beach housing market. With the ultimate goal of the marketing push being to increase its inventory of Laguna Beach homes for sale as well as secure more buyer’s representations, BanCorp realizes that Laguna Beach is a strategic market. The community consists of single-family-residences, condominiums, townhomes, lot-land, and investment properties. There are no tract homes in Laguna Beach, with custom-built being the common thread.

BanCorp Properties calls its buyer’s rebate program the “better 2together rebate” program, and in this widely popular program the company will rebate up to 25% of its gross commission back to the client at the successful close of escrow to be used by the person in any manner that they wish. This is perfectly acceptable as long as all terms of the program are disclosed up-front. The plan is to launch this program in conjunction with an intensified marketing campaign that moves away from traditional marketing methods such as print media and radio advertising, and allocates resources to internet and social media. The company believes this is important because it is estimated that nearly 90% of all home searches start on the internet.

By stepping up efforts in its internet marketing the company not only hopes to increase its page rankings on the search engines, it also hopes to bolster its inventory of Laguna Beach real estate. In its targeted social media postings on well-known hubs such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, the hope is that the company can draw interest on individual properties, and then have the posting go viral. When this occurs the company creates additional marketing channels that traditional marketing models can never accomplish. Another side benefit that occurs through this type of advertising where the focus is on the local Laguna Beach Realtor, is potentially these professionals will want to come work for the company. BanCorp is not actively recruiting, however have not ruled out bringing on new Laguna Beach Real Estate Agents towards the end of 2015.

About BanCorp Properties: BanCorp has been in business since 1995 and specializes in residential; single-family-residences, condominiums townhomes, investment properties and rental properties. The supports all fair housing, equal credit and truth in real estate policies and practices, and is active in each local community it serves in. 

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