BanCorp Properties Sees an Opportunity to Increase Brand Awareness and Market Share in Corona Del Mar Real Estate Market of Newport Beach.

Posted by BanCorp Properties on Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015 at 11:02am.

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BanCorp Properties believes that with lower prevailing mortgage interest rates expected to remain constant, which increases home-buyers purchasing power, it makes the Corona Del Mar housing market is an attractive one to increase marketing efforts in. the company believes that by increasing resources allocated toward internet and social media advertising might just be what the Doctor ordered.

The Corona Del Mar community of Newport Beach in California is certainly considered a high-end luxury market. The community has relatively stable inventory of properties that does not turn as rapidly as other areas of South Orange County where properties values are low: but the inventory of homes for sale in Corona Del Mar still flip fairly consistently due to high demand and uniqueness of properties. BanCorp Properties believes that it simply cannot ignore this strategic city while it is in the process of increasing brand awareness across the entire Newport Beach real estate market. The company said on Tuesday that with interest rates expected to remain low, with not expected bump in rates by the Federal Reserve at least until the Summer of 2015, the opportunity is ripe to launch an aggressive marketing campaign in the Corona Del Mar real estate market with the ultimate goal being to increase its inventory of Corona Del Mar homes.

Corona Del Mar has never been considered a real favorable opportunity for first-time home-buyers, actually many of the homes here are purchased by all cash buyers. However the company believes that there is enough of a steady-stream of buyers entering the market who will need to secure financing that a combined marketing effort targeting internet and all major social media hubs would be a beneficial move for the company. In this combined marketing effort the company believes it would likely gain more representations as buyers agents as well as additional listings, which is consistent with the company’s goal of a balanced approached to real estate sales, not having sales lopsided one way or the other too much towards buyer’s representations or listings assignments.

The Corona Del Mar housing market is one of the most competitive in South Orange County – if not all of Southern California. The company believes that by making strategic social media postings where the company is focusing in on the local Corona Del Mar real estate professional buy advertising individual properties it will accomplish its goal of heightened brand awareness and turning inventory quicker by getting more “eyes” on individual properties. The company as always believed it was important to target the smaller social media hubs on top of the better known ones such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, to ensure the company was securing blanket market coverage.

BanCorp Properties believes that if it steps up efforts by making more quality postings on the social media sights combined with its already aggressive marketing campaign that is occurring in the Newport Beach real estate market it will likely see ranking gains in the smaller subdivisions and neighborhoods of Corona Del Mar including; Cameo Shores, Shore Cliffs, Irvine Terrace, Spyglass Hill, Harbor View Hills, Corona Highlands, and Cameo Highlands. BanCorp believes that the gains in these smaller neighborhoods would be likely due to the fact that the larger national and regional real estate companies tend to neglect these smaller areas when completing their SEO processes. The company believes that a fringe benefit to the intensified social media advertising campaign would be an increase in Corona Del Mar Realtors which would be interested in joining the organization.  

About BanCorp Real Estate Group: BanCorp Properties is South Orange County Real Estate Broker that has been serving the Southern California housing market since 1995. BanCorp specializes in the sale and acquisition of residential single-family-residences, condominiums, townhouses and rental properties, and plays an active role in each community it serves in.

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