BanCorp Properties Looking to Increase Brand Awareness in Turtle Rock Real Estate Market as it Increases Market Share in Irvine Housing Market

Posted by BanCorp Properties on Sunday, February 8th, 2015 at 9:56am.

BanCorp Properties: Turtle Rock Homes For Sale


This is a reblog to a press release released on Friday to PR.Com 

BanCorp Properties, as it continues its advertising efforts in the greater Irvine housing market will also zero-in on the local Turtle Rock community in an effort to secure additional market share and heighten brand awareness.

As part of BanCorp’s new market initiative which began in 2014 which began to strategically target all major South Orange County cities and communities with large bases of single-family-residences, the company began its intensified campaign in the Irvine housing market. With interest rates remaining at near historical lows, and the inventory in Irvine remaining relatively stable, the company stepped up efforts in its internet marketing efforts to increase market share in Irvine which is one of the largest markets in Orange County. The company believes that Turtle Rock is one of its most important communities.

BanCorp Properties: Turtle Rock Luxury Real Estate For Sale

The company said on Friday that as it continues to aggressively market into the Irvine community that it planned to begin to step-up its efforts in the Turtle Rock real estate market for the purpose of increasing its inventory of homes for sale in Turtle Rock. BanCorp believes it can accomplish this by moving away from the older-school more traditional ways of advertising such as print media and radio advertising and focusing its attention more or internet advertising and the underlying social media postings where they can zero-in on individual properties giving them maximum exposure.

BanCorp Properties believes that by targeting the high profiles hubs such as Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, they will be able to target the local Turtle Rock Realtor, so the company can showcase the properties that needs attention. The company believes that one of the main benefits of internet advertising is that it always has the potential to go viral, which is the ultimate goal. BanCorp believes that the low prevailing interest rates in combination with the internet marketing share will allow the company to secure more listings of Turtle Rock homes for sale as well as land more buyer’s agents representations in the Turtle Rock real estate market.

About BanCorp Properties: BanCorp Real Estate Group is an Orange County Real Estate Broker that specializes in single-family-residences, condominiums, townhomes, investment properties and rental properties. BanCorp has been in business since 1995 and is active in all the local communities it serves in. The company supports a fair housing policy as well as truth in real estate.

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