BanCorp Properties Eyeing Talega Real Estate Market as it Seeks to Increase Market Share in very competitive San Clemente Housing Market

Posted by BanCorp Properties on Friday, February 6th, 2015 at 11:10am.

BanCorp Properties: Talega Homes For Sale


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BanCorp Properties is moving its focus away from print media and other traditional sources of advertising such as radio and putting a higher emphasis on internet and social media postings as it zeros in on the Talega housing market with a ultimate goal of increasing brand awareness and securing additional market share 

BanCorp Properties said on Friday that it sees a real opportunity to gain market share in the Talega community of San Clemente, California. With interest rates remaining at near historical lows, and all indicators pointing that the Federal Reserve will not tinker with rates until at least the 2nd or 3rd quarters of 2015, the company believes that the time is ripe to step up marketing efforts in the city. The lower interest rates increase buyers purchasing power, allowing them to purchase a home with a higher market value than they could with higher prevailing interest rates, if rates were to spike higher, they automatically see a reduction in the price of the home the can command. The Talega real estate market is considered a high-end market of Orange County, with relatively few buyers paying cash, the majority needing take-out financing in the form of a purchase money mortgage.

BanCorp Properties: Talega Luxury Real Estate For Sale

BanCorp believes the lower rates in combination with a aggressive push towards social media and internet marketing would allow the company to both bring heightened awareness for the company as put the company in a position to increase its inventory of homes for sale in Talega. The company believes that by moving resources away from the older-school print media and radio advertising mediums and targeting the self-replicating social media sites that have the potential to go viral will pay much higher dividends both in the short and long terms. As part of its new market initiative which began in 2014, the Talega market was identified as a strategic one, a community of significant size, that the company simply could not ignore.

BanCorp Properties has been already aggressively marketing to the greater San Clemente real estate market including the smaller “villages” of Forster Ranch, Coast District, Rancho San Clemente and Marblehead, so a major push into the Talega real estate market would not be as if the company would be moving into unchartered water. Talega has always been a popular option for people who want to be in close proximity to the ocean, so the homes are in high demand. This combination, when factoring in the low interest rates makes the market in general a favorable one: and opportunity that BanCorp plans to exploit.

Talega is one of the most hotly contested markets in South Orange County when it comes to the large national agencies and medium sized regional agencies spending a great deal of money advertising for to ensure when a person types in “Talega Homes For Sale” or “Talega Real Estate” that the company shows up on the first pages of Google, Yahoo or Bing. BanCorp believes that this new campaign where it is focusing in on social media hubs such as Google+, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, where the organization is bringing attention to particular properties and zeroing in on the local Talega Realtors, its ability to increase its inventory of Talega homes for sale increases greatly, with a fringe benefit being that it could increase its base of Talega Real Estate Agents wanting to work for the company.

About BanCorp Properties: BanCorp Real Estate Group is South Orange County real estate company that serves in 16 cities. The company has been in business since 1995 and specializes in residential single-family-residences, condominiums, townhomes, condominiums, rental properties and investment properties. As a South Orange County Real Estate Broker, BanCorp plays an active role in each community it serves in and fully supports equal housing and truth in real estate. 

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