BanCorp Properties Eyeing Costa Mesa Real Estate Market Seeking to Increase Market Share Through Re-Release of Popular Buyer's Rebate Program

Posted by BanCorp Properties on Wednesday, February 11th, 2015 at 9:39am.

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This is a reblog to a press release released on Wednesday to PR.Com 

BanCorp Properties is refocusing its attention on the Costa Mesa real estate market as is looks to heighten brand awareness and increase market share in a very competitive market. The company plans on re-launching its buyer’s rebate.

BanCorp said on Wednesday that it planned on stepping up marketing efforts in the Costa Mesa real estate market. The company has always been known as one that was willing to take calculated risks when it came to rattling existing older-school marketing templates anticipates moving away from print media and allocating resources toward internet and social media advertising to assist it gaining additional market share in the Costa Mesa housing market. The company believes that there is rather average marketing model being employed by the large national agencies in this market, and by stepping up efforts in internet advertising and by re-launching its popular buyer’s rebate program it should be able to accomplish its goals and realize significant gains.

BanCorp Properties: Costa Mesa Luxury Real Estate For Sale

Although the ultimate goal of this new marketing blitz would be to increase inventory of homes for sale in Costa Mesa as well as secure more buyer’s agent representations, the company believes that the added exposure would likely lead to an increase in its base of Costa Mesa Realtors. The company is not actively recruiting new Costa Mesa Real Estate Agents, as there has been a hiring freeze in effect since Q2 of 2014, however the company did not rule out adding new professionals to its existing base. The reason the company feels that there would be additional interest in the company is because the social media postings normally focus on the real estate professional highlighting individual properties. The buyer’s rebate program focuses directly on the family interested in purchasing a home.

Under the widely successful “better 2 together” home rebate program the company rebates back to the client 25% of the company’s gross commission upon the successful close of escrow to be used in any manner the person wishes. The company said on Wednesday that an increased internet advertising campaign which focuses on moving up page rankings, combined with targeted social media postings on the major social media hubs such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter should spark interest in buyer’s interest in the Costa Mesa real estate market. It is estimated that approximately 90% of people looking to purchase a home begin the search on the internet: this is why the company is so adamant about stepping up its internet marketing efforts. With this multipronged marketing effort, the company hopes to gain momentum throughout the spring rolling into the summer at which time it believes that the Federal Reserve might possibly increase long-term interest rates which could slow things down in the housing market.

About BanCorp Real Estate Group: BanCorp Properties is a division of the Irvine Holding company and has been in business since 1995. The company specializes in residential single-family-residences, condominiums, condominiums, townhomes, investment properties and rental homes. BanCorp is a licensed California Real Estate Broker (BRE #0119728) and serves in 16 South Orange County Cities. The company supports equal housing and fair lending as well as truth in real estate, and the company plays an active role in each community it serves in.

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