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Posted by Greg Steinaker on Wednesday, September 24th, 2014 at 9:40am.

Your South Orange County Realtor For Life. 

BanCorp Properties™ long-term marketing slogan is part of our ongoing pursuit of easier and faster™ real estate transactions in Southern California:™ is further defined by BanCorp’s Commitment to Service Excellence. As you read the unique content within you will quickly notice some recurring themes: we are efficient and effective, we are master viral-hybrid marketers, and we are authentic – believing that integrity is our strategic advantage. Where others in the Orange County real estate industry may act with Integrity most times or act with Integrity in most way we will stand alone at the top by acting with integrity at all times and in all ways.  BanCorp Properties is easier and faster™, and far more effective than other South Orange County Real Estate Brokers because we not only encourage, but underwrite innovative and imaginative thinking at every step or the home buying process, when we represent you as a BanCorp Buyer's Agent Direct.

BanCorp Properties: San Clemente Ocean View Homes for Sale 

BanCorp Properties has been serving the Southern California housing market since 1995, so obviously we have the “bought.sold” process figured out, so what is the “next” part about? Next, simply means after we have successfully represented your family as a buyer's agent, and have won your confidence, we want to represent you in the sale of your family’s next home sale and purchase – whether it is five-years or fifteen-years from now. We want you to be so comfortable with, and confidant in BanCorp's skills and professional capabilities that you will gladly refer us to other family members, friends and co-workers, knowing that they are being represented by a time-tested legitimate California brokerage that knows this dynamic and complex and oftentimes confusing South Orange County real estate market better than anyone. That is why the "next" part, is so important to us: when you know you are completely covered at the "bought" and "sold" stages of the real estate processes, you will be equally comfortable at the “next” stage. 

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