Authentic Not Counterfeit:

Posted by Greg Steinaker on Friday, September 26th, 2014 at 8:53am.

Truth in Real Estate Works Best For Everyone

At BanCorp Properties our Yes means Yes and our No means No, we don’t need to say we promise with every other word as we strive to be the real-deal, authentic not counterfeit: our BanCorp professionals can be taken for our word without having to swear every time we make a verbal commitment to a client. The very foundation of our company lies in our ability to respond to our client’s questions and needs in this manner, and we stand against those within the real estate industry who have built their reputation upon exaggeration and promises that will likely only be broken for a future commission. Real Estate in Action means serving others - and serving others means putting our client’s interests ahead of ours - this is what a Purpose-Driven company looks like. 

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An authentic real estate professional is someone that a client can trust at all times and in all situations. Their list of references is their entire previous book of business. Their greatest ability is dependability, and this means keeping a promise regardless of the commission (or lack of one). One of the biggest breakdowns today between an real estate agent and a client is small broken promises (saying they will be at their home in five minutes when they know it will take them fifteen minutes to get there) accumulating over time, leading to complete lack of trust, resulting in non-renewed listings, dropped buyer representations and no chance of future business or references.

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If a client doesn't trust our company, they certainly can't respect us. No one wants to do business with a company that is not trustworthy. If a client can't trust BanCorp Properties™ in the small things (honoring our commitments and promises) they certainly won't trust in the big things (representing them as a buyer's agent after we just finished selling their last home) Bancorp understands that by always honoring our commitments, telling the truth as fast as we can, under promising and over delivering, we are in fact leading from the front in a rater ordinary Orange County real estate market, raising the bar for everyone else.

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