An excellent real estate company can be trusted with the small things as much as the big things.

Posted by Greg Steinaker on Wednesday, June 11th, 2014 at 9:59am.

A good listener is attentive to the small issues.

A Cherokee proverb says; “listen to the whispers and you won’t have to hear the screams.” A good real estate company pays close attention to intuition. What is an example of things that make people scream in real estate? How about the Realtor convincing the seller to price the home higher than the fair market value (to secure the listing) and then have the home sit there on the MLS for months and months with no qualifying offers? Another good example would be when a Realtor is representing a family as a buyer’s agent when they hadn’t paid close attention to what the buyer was really looking for and they end up showing them properties that they rule out at first site, not even venturing into the home because it was not even on the radar for what they would consider. Both of these examples are things that make people scream in real estate.

An outstanding real estate company not only pays close attention to their intuition, they also pay close attention to what isn’t being said – and this requires more than just good listening skills. It requires a good understanding of people, and it also means being secure enough to ask for honest communication from a client and to not become defensive when receiving it. A breakdown in communication between a Realtor and a client will normally lead to an expired listing or an unbroken promise to locate the family’s next dream home. If all of the parties are not on the same page, or if everybody is looking out for their own best interests, how can this relationship (or the underlying transaction) ever succeed?

The bottom line is this: being a good real estate company comes from the realization that listening to a client’s needs will prevent any minor obstacles from snowballing into major problems potentially jeopardizing the transaction at hand. 

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