A Realtor must love what they do – not just do what they do

Posted by Greg Steinaker on Thursday, July 17th, 2014 at 11:07am.

A real estate professional will never be successful if they don’t like or maybe even dread what they do. They will never reach their full potential if it is a small challenge just to pull them self into the office each morning. When a Realtor loses focus and is drifting, the majority of the time it simply boils down to a passion question: are you passionate about real estate or are you just doing this to make money? Passion for what you do is at the very center of your professional success and personal fulfillment. Passion will give you energy when others around you grow tired and decide to make a career change. Why do the best Realtors make it look so easy? They understand that passion allows them to play during the day while the other Realtors are seemingly working so hard.

The best Realtors understand that they can’t effectively lead and manage their client’s without passion. Passion will cause transactions to come together and passion can actually cover mistakes made by the Realtor. How does that happen? If a client knows that their Realtor deeply cares, they are genuinely concerned about the client’s well-being and success in the transaction, and the Realtor is delivering excellent service, the natural by-product is the client is going to be more forgiving if a mistake is made and the Realtor’s intentions were good – this is simply human nature. No Realtor is perfect out in the field, but if they are passionate and their client’s know it, their passion will cover up a multitude of errors.

It is not difficult to be a passionate Realtor: especially if you love what you do. Passion in its simplest form means “caring, caring deeply” about your client’s, and being in control When a Realtor is passionate, the natural by-products are; quality, excellence and impressed client’s. If you aren’t passionate then you should ask yourself, who are you serving, your client or yourself?

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