A real estate company can’t reach the summit unless everyone is doing their part.

Posted by Greg Steinaker on Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014 at 10:18am.

For a real estate company to be truly successful in a very competitive marketplace, the management team has to be able to cast the “bigger picture” to their team-members and then make sure that they see how and what part they play in reaching the goal that the vision has set out to accomplish. The leadership of the company is pulling its team-members to reach their goals, not pushing them, a radical difference in thinking. When a company is pulling its Realtors instead of pushing them, it simply means they are always one-step ahead instead of one-step behind, leading the way and always creating new marketing ideas and introducing new clients to the organization.

The best real estate companies understand that they can’t just walk up to their Realtors and announce arbitrary revenue goals which dishes out sales quotas for each team-member. Instead the management team talks about how important it is that the company serves a greater number of clients and not only what the company will do for that client, but what that increased income will do for the company – and better yet, what the Realtors personal income will look like. After the company has done this then they propose a revenue goal and ask each individual Realtor to carefully craft which part of that goal he or she is going to contribute.

“When the management of a real estate company sets goals by themselves they are not goals they are quotas. And no one likes quotas.”

When a real estate company is successful through all of its Realtors contributing on a regular basis, not just the top-ten or twenty percent, this is usually referred to successfully Managing By Objectives, or simply getting the team-members to set their own goals as part of the overall objective of the company – this is also referred to as Shared Goals. One of the reasons that shared goals are so important to both the Realtor and the organizations success is that Shared Goals create communication. Communication here simply means that everyone in the company is working towards making the company the best in the industry. Could you even imaging for a second a quarterback in football fumbling the ball and a big lineman not jumping on the ball, instead saying something stupid like “that isn’t my job.”? It is every Realtors job to make the company successful.

The bottom line is this: one of the main reasons that companies fail in America is because of selfishness. If all of the Realtors in a company are only looking out for themselves, they are by definition no longer part of team. If this happens the germ of failure has entered the organization and it has begun to spread and is likely doomed for failure. The most excellent real estate brokers understand that it takes a concerted effort by each and every real estate professional that will not only get them to the top, but will also get each of their Realtors their fullest potential, professionally and personally. 

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