A Real Estate Company can either be a stepping stone or a stumbling block for their Realtors.

Posted by Greg Steinaker on Thursday, July 3rd, 2014 at 8:51am.

Realtors don’t want to work for incompetent Brokers.

No real estate professional wants to go to work for a less than excellent real estate company. Every Realtor wants to feel that their company can effectively manage the communities they work in, the vendors that support them, and the ongoing marketing that occurs across the regions that the organization serves in. The real estate company needs to inspire confidence, and they need to do that, not with charisma, but with confidence.

When a real estate firm becomes incompetent, they become a distraction to their team members, hampering their personal growth and wasting people’s energy. They prevent people from keeping the main thing the main thing. They lose the original vision and values of the organization and it is reflected in the behavior of its Realtors. If a real estate company has lost its vision, how can it expect its Realtors to maintain theirs? If the Realtors working for an incompetent real estate broker have a high level of skill, they will continually worry about their company messing things up (screwing up a vendor relationship, messing up a real estate contract, a flawed marketing campaign…). If on the other hand the Realtors don’t have a high level of skill or experience, they simply won’t know what to do. Either way, productivity declines, morale suffer, and positive momentum becomes impossible.

An incompetent real estate company will not lead, attract, nor continue to employ competent Realtors for long. The reason for this is that a real estate professional naturally wants to work for a real estate company which they feel is stronger than themselves. If the company was not stronger than them, they would be better off selling and buying real estate on their own, without paying the commission split to a real estate company. The bottom line is this: if a Realtor starts to believe that their broker is incompetent, they will quit and find someone else – somewhere else – who is competent who will help them reach their goals.

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