5 Fantastic Ideas For Backyards of Any Size

Posted by BanCorp Properties on Tuesday, May 28th, 2019 at 8:39am.


1)  String Lights: Add a whimsical aspect to your space and lay rope lights along the edges of your garden or weave them through the trees. It is a small detail that can add character, especially  when you are hosting a get-together.


2) Plant Lavender: Even if you don't have a green thumb, you can't lose with lavender. It doesn't require much water, it's a natural bug repellent, and it gives off a de-stressing scent. Plus, it's just pretty.


3) Designate one area that is just for relaxing: hang a hammock between two trees for weekend naps, tie a wooden swing to a sturdy tree branch, or simply place a small table between to chic lounge chairs - it will become your go-to place to sip a glass of wine after work.


4) Bring your interior decor outside: Patio cushions can be made in the same patterns as indoor couches and chairs; decks or pergolas can be painted the same soft shade that's in your kitchen. Even the kitchen hardware can match some wrought iron planters.


5) Consider an outdoor fireplace: Having a fireplace installed is worth the investment - you will be able to enjoy your backyard practically  year-round. A rustic stone hearth would fin in with a farmhouse or bohemian-inspired aesthetic, while a sleek, contemporary one would look great if your style is more minimalist.

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