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Aesthetic and tasteful Pelican Ridge contemporary real estate is just a short-commute away from Fashion Island along with its open-air elegance that fuses Italian style with California cool, luxury boutiques, cafés and restaurants. Just to the north you will find perched above the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean, Corona del Mar which means, “Crown of the Sea.”  Locals know the three-mile-long stretch with the harbor on one side and broad, sandy California beaches on the other as “the Peninsula.” Crystal Cove State Beach blends the principles of preserved natural beauty with contemporary architecture, defines this picturesque area of Newport Coast perfectly. All of the handsome and stylish Pelican Ridge estate homes for sale are in close proximity to

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The aesthetic and tasteful Newport Ridge properties are just down the coast from world-famous Newport Beach and all of the fun activities, events and things to see in the city. There is arts and culture, the Summer concert series, bars and nightlife, beaches and parks, shopping and spas, sports and recreation, tours and sightseeing and even whale-watching. handsome and stylish Newport Ridge coastal real estate is a popular option among potential home owners partly because it is close to the largest recreational harbor on the west coast, and also because of the fantastic weather that the Newport Beach residents enjoy a year-round Mediterranean climate. All of the gratifying and endearing Newport Ridge ocean view homes for sale are close to the Crystal Cove

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The resplendent and eye-catching Pelican Hill properties are found in what is called a year-round Mediterranean climate, and the city of Newport Beach is a racially diverse city with a population density of approximately 3,500 residents per square mile. The racial makeup of the city includes White, African American, Hispanic, Native American, Asian, Pacific Islander and other races. The Housing prices in Newport Beach ranked eighth highest in the United States and more than a quarter of households have an income greater than $200,000. aesthetic and tasteful Pelican Hill beachfront real estate is found in close proximity to some of Newport Beach’s most famous landmarks including the Newport Sports Museum, Newport Pier, The Wedge, Balboa Fun Zone,

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Newport Beach is home to Lexus Newport to Ensenada Yacht Race, Newport Beach Film Festival, Restaurant Week, Newport Beach Independence Day on the Bay, Hyatt Regency Summer Concert Series, and the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade. The alluring and charming Crystal Cove Newport Beach homes for sale are found in city that is recognized for being  an active community of walkers, runners, cyclists, and even Segway riders. With long stretches of boardwalks, bike routes, and trails, there are numerous paths for outdoor enthusiasts. Newport Beach is known for its high-energy, trendsetting nightlife. Whether you are in the mood to boogie or enjoy an after dinner drink at an upscale ultra-lounge, Newport Beach offers an intoxicating mix of bars and

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The resplendent and eye-catching Crystal Cove oceanfront properties are all close to Newport Beach and all of the landmarks, events, places and fun activities that are found in the city throughout the including the Balboa Fun Zone, The Wedge, Newport Center and Fashion Island, Newport Pier, The Boardwalk, Newport Harbor Nautical Museum, Corona Del Mar State Beach, Newport Sports Museum and Balboa Pavilion. Aesthetic and tasteful Crystal Cove beachfront real estate benefits from being close to the Newport Harbor which is the largest recreational boat harbor on the U.S. west coast, and a popular destination for all boating activities, including sailing, fishing, rowing, kayaking, and paddle-boarding. The handsome and stylish Crystal Cove

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The worlds of classical and modern architecture find seamless harmony in the winsome and enchanting Altezza properties which definitely lives up to the hype of potential home owners from across the region. Innovation, elegance and function are artfully integrated into the handsome and stylish, gratifying and endearing Altezza Newport Coast city-lights view homes for sale, where high-end residential clients are flocking to Newport Beach for its geographical riches and booming economy. No one understands the value of Newport Coast quite like the professionals at BanCorp Properties, which is a particularly gorgeous slice of heaven on earth. Newport Coast and its surrounding areas offer some of the most valuable and uniquely located homes in

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There is so much going on throughout Newport Beach throughout the year: you can’t stay in your resplendent and eye-catching Newport Coast property 24/7. Check out the Newport Beach wine and food festival or watch the Christmas Boat Parade in December. Hungry? Check out the Lobsterfest, the Balboa Car Show is always entertaining, Blue Whale Watching Cruises are always entertaining and Sunset Jazz is always cool. The aesthetic and tasteful Newport Coast properties are all close to Newport Beach’s pristine beaches where leisure and style come together in ten distinct neighborhoods, each with its own unique charm — Airport District, Balboa Island and surrounding seven islands, Balboa Peninsula, Balboa Village, Cannery Village, Corona del Mar, Fashion

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The graceful and comfortable, breathtaking and refined Marbella city-lights view homes for sale are served by the Capistrano Unified School District, and San Juan Capistrano has two newspapers the Capistrano Valley News and the Capistrano Dispatch. Intimate and elegant, stately and cultivated Marbella SJC Real Estate is found in what is considered a year-round Mediterranean climate, and interstate-five freeway bisects San Juan Capistrano. San Juan Capistrano formerly hosted a population of Cliff Swallow that reputedly migrated each year from Argentina to the Mission San Juan Capistrano (now apparently they are flying somewhere to the north). The enticing and tempting Marbella properties are found in racially diverse city with a population density

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The absorbing and impassioned Hunt Club properties are close to the Mission San Juan Capistrano which showcases historic and religious artifacts, 18th-20th century paintings, and an interpretive room dedicated to Native American art. San Juan Capistrano, self-christened “preserving the past to enhance the future”, is recognized for its historical and cultural past as well as luxury residential offerings, including equestrian properties, and stunning ocean-view masterpieces.  Inviting and enchanting Hunt Club real estate benefits from being just down the street from the San Juan Hills Country Club and Public Driving Range which is found on San Juan Creek Road. The meticulously-maintained, highly-desirable Hunt Club mountain-view homes for sale are

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There are a lot of fun activities to do in San Clemente, that is why irresistible and enamoring Cyprus Cove upscale real estate is such a popular option among potential home owners: there are boat tours and water sports including surfing, windsurfing and kite-surfing as well as reel to reef charters. Two of the biggest landmarks in the city include the San Clemente Pier and Casa Romantica Cultural Center and Gardens. The meticulously-maintained, highly-desirable Cyprus Cove properties are all close to the San Clemente Coastal Trail and the Surfing Heritage and Culture Center, and while you are in the area check out San Onofre State Beach, it is absolutely beautiful.

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There are three golf courses in San Clemente, Shorecliffs, Talega and San

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