September 2014

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Because BanCorp Properties Believes That...

  • All of us want to be on fire and passionate in what we do and believe that each of us wants to make a positive difference in not only our lives, but the lives or our families and communities that we serve in.

  • Because we have decided to be a stepping-stone instead of a stumbling-block to our Realtors and clients we serve, and we recognize that we are making the real estate industry a better place, one day at a time.

  • When we are serving others, treating each other exactly as we would like to be treated; with care, courtesy and respect we are ultimately giving the glory to God.

  • All of us are doing this because we want to, not because we have to.

  • We

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Growing with BanCorp Properties™ - exceeding expectations

Top-Shelf Realtors® aren't just well-informed, ambitious professionals who happen to be great net-worker with superior sales skills, and they simply can’t be cauterized as high-achievers who give 110% of their abilities, 125% of the time. We know that 90% of all real estate agents in the United States already possess this type of energy and attributes. BanCorp Properties™ believes that what really separates excellent and Excellent Realtor from average one is their ability to manage their client's in a leadership role while still serving their client with a sense of command. Through a willingness to continue learning through real-world commonsense approaches to real estate that work, and

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The Marketplace For Orange County Luxury Homes.

Bancorp Properties™ specializes in the sale and acquisition of South Orange County Single-Family Homes, Condominiums, Townhomes and Investment Properties. Established as a brokerage in Southern California in 1995, Bancorp Realty is always doing things we don’t know how to do so it can learn how to do them... We have always led from the front through example, believing that our actions always speak louder than our words knowing that we miss out on 100% opportunities we might have had because of the risk we didn’t take.

BanCorp Properties: Laguna Hills City Lights View Homes For Sale 

Bancorp REG™ was created first and foremost to be an excellent South Orange County real estate company. Superior in all we do demonstrated not through arrogance or pride, but rather

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Truth in Real Estate Works Best For Everyone

At BanCorp Properties our Yes means Yes and our No means No, we don’t need to say we promise with every other word as we strive to be the real-deal, authentic not counterfeit: our BanCorp professionals can be taken for our word without having to swear every time we make a verbal commitment to a client. The very foundation of our company lies in our ability to respond to our client’s questions and needs in this manner, and we stand against those within the real estate industry who have built their reputation upon exaggeration and promises that will likely only be broken for a future commission. Real Estate in Action means serving others - and serving others means putting our client’s interests ahead of ours

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Your South Orange County Realtor For Life. 

BanCorp Properties™ long-term marketing slogan is part of our ongoing pursuit of easier and faster™ real estate transactions in Southern California:™ is further defined by BanCorp’s Commitment to Service Excellence. As you read the unique content within you will quickly notice some recurring themes: we are efficient and effective, we are master viral-hybrid marketers, and we are authentic – believing that integrity is our strategic advantage. Where others in the Orange County real estate industry may act with Integrity most times or act with Integrity in most way we will stand alone at the top by acting with integrity at all times and in all ways.  BanCorp

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BanCorp Properties™ pushes ideas further.

Do you think you might be working with a working with a boring and ordinary South Orange County real estate broker? If the first thoughts that come to mind are mundane, tedious or monotonous - you have likely hooked-up with an average realtor, and the reward potential for the sale of your next home has dropped dramatically, as you are now settling for less than excellent and are possibly going to receive less than the best market value for your family’s home. When you hire a South Orange County real estate agent you must be absolutely certain that the opportunity cost of hiring an average real estate company will not be greater than the reward it ultimately brings in (if your realtor is leaving money on the

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BanCorp keeps you informed throughout the sale of your home

When BanCorp Properties™ sells your South Orange County home we don’t want you feeling like you are stranded out there on a desert island by yourself with a “For Sale” sign stuck in your front yard, a house listed on the Orange County MLS and a complete disconnect between you and your Realtor as to what is going on behind the scenes of the sale of what is likely your family’s largest and most valuable asset. We will keep you plugged into Orange County's best marketplace for showcasing homes locally, regionally, nationally and around the world:

BanCorp Properties: Laguna Beach Condos For Sale

Your local BanCorp South Orange County Real Estate Agents believe that actions speak louder than words and meeting demanding

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Is your real estate broker average and ordinary? If the first thoughts that come to mind are mundane, tedious or even stale, you are inevitably working with a boring realtor. If a relationship like this has occurred, the reward potential for your family has dropped dramatically as you are now settling for less than excellent and are undoubtedly not going to secure an optimum purchase price for your family’s next home. When you hire a Orange County Buyer’s Agent you must be absolutely certain that the cost of hiring an average real estate company will not be greater than the reward it ultimately brings in (if your realtor is leaving money on the table you are in essence paying an additional fee, right?). BanCorp Properties™ pushes ideas further. We make

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Why you want BanCorp Properties™ to represent you:

When you are searching for an Orange County Buyer's Agent (EBA) BanCorp Properties™ can represent you through our Premier (and separate operating) Division; Buyer's Agent Direct™ which represents buyer's only (never seller). This allows the home buyer to be represented by a South Orange County Real estate Agent without the possibility of conflict that might arise in a dual agency. You maintain full representation: which is one of the key and best benefits of professional buyer representation, eliminating the worry that you possibly could be being shown homes in which the agent also held the listing agreement, creating the potential for an undesirable dual agency.

A BanCorp REG South Orange

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How big is your dream? We have big dreams for BanCorp Properties™ in South Orange County and we believe that anything worth doing well is worth doing even better with others. We are not going to climb this mountain alone, and our management team knows that if we are going to accomplish the lofty goals that this organization has set for itself, we want to climb the summit with a team of core professional’s who are able to effectively carry-out, communicate and manage the vision of BanCorp REG™ the short-term, and have the necessary qualities to pull others to the top of the mountain along with them in the long-term.

Through taking responsibility while others are making excuses and being dissatisfied with the realities of the existing real estate

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