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Focus Intensity over Time and multiply it by God - this will give a company unstoppable Momentum. Momentum is not something random, like a lightning strike, it is the exact opposite. It is something that is created within a company, and then is managed by both the leaders and employees of the organization. If the momentum is lost, normally it means the company has dropped its focus, intensity or simply its lack of faith. When a company loses its focus, this usually falls on the shoulders of management, and it normally happens because of either fear or greed. Fear will cause a company to lose focus because it is looking at the potential for failure instead of concentrating on success. Greed will cause an organization to lose focus because they begin to

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For a real estate company to move from ordinary to excellent, they must possess a management team that is able to make both the easy decisions and they hard ones. If they want their company to stand out from the rest of the industry – passivity cannot be an option when it comes to decision making from the management team. If the company is going to flourish, the organization can’t realize these dreams by having a management team that is weak or timid; it requires that their leadership have a tremendous backbone. The management and leadership of one company is what separates it from the rest of the industry, and indecisive leadership can kill the dreams for a company and drive away the most talented professionals in real estate.

If an excellent real

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Better Orange County Real Estate Brokers:

BanCorp REG™ will not bend to or adapt to the rather dull and ordinary expectations of the existing Orange County marketing model, nor will we be swayed by the opinion of our competition. Winners get criticized – it comes with the territory. If we are going to continue leading from the front we can expect to continue receiving shallow responses from average companies who are doing nothing to influence change in the Southern California housing market. While other companies are talking about what BanCorp is doing – BanCorp Properties is a business in action - affecting real positive change in the Orange County cities and communities we serve in. We are an organization that is making a difference in the

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If a person spends fifteen-minutes planning their day on paper every morning, they will add twenty-percent to their productive (proven). When a real estate professional has their day carefully planned, well scripted in advance, it gives them a plumb line (a safety-net), a guide and a measurement mechanism to evaluate interruptions and also a place to come back to after the interruptions occur which we know happen all too frequently though out the day. A Realtor will secure the best results by managing their daily activities not by managing their results. If the person is not spending time on something that will directly lead them to meeting their goals, it is likely a waste of their time and resources.

When a professional is managing their time

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For a real estate company to be truly successful in a very competitive marketplace, the management team has to be able to cast the “bigger picture” to their team-members and then make sure that they see how and what part they play in reaching the goal that the vision has set out to accomplish. The leadership of the company is pulling its team-members to reach their goals, not pushing them, a radical difference in thinking. When a company is pulling its Realtors instead of pushing them, it simply means they are always one-step ahead instead of one-step behind, leading the way and always creating new marketing ideas and introducing new clients to the organization.

The best real estate companies understand that they can’t just walk up to their Realtors

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As a real estate company a well-defined code of ethics makes decision making easy – it also makes it simple to answer our client’s questions with one-hundred percent accuracy and reliability. The simple principle this organization is founded upon is to ask, when making a decision or asking a question, if our response causes us to lie or hide the truth (which is a type of lying), if the answer is yes, we know what the decision is – and it is a really easy one to make. When a company is in an intense or stressful situation, even those people with the highest integrity might be tempted to hide the truth, this is why everyone at BanCorp, leaders and management included, are accountable to each other through our written Guiding Values which are published on

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A real estate professional cannot get their client’s the results they are seeking unless they are leading them with passion.  Passion causes things to move in the marketplace and even has the ability to cause transactions to come together (or fall apart), will them to happen as it were… Passion even has the ability to cover over many mistakes in the field by the Realtor – if the errors were made with good intentions. Passion creates a force multiplier and is the polar opposite of passivity. Passivity equals apathy, or an uncaring attitude and lack of interest. Passion simply means “caring, caring deeply” and being in control, self-control and acting humble and meek. Real world definition of meek: “Power under Control.”

When a real estate professional

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A real estate professional will never be successful if they don’t like or maybe even dread what they do. They will never reach their full potential if it is a small challenge just to pull them self into the office each morning. When a Realtor loses focus and is drifting, the majority of the time it simply boils down to a passion question: are you passionate about real estate or are you just doing this to make money? Passion for what you do is at the very center of your professional success and personal fulfillment. Passion will give you energy when others around you grow tired and decide to make a career change. Why do the best Realtors make it look so easy? They understand that passion allows them to play during the day while the other Realtors are

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What is a Realtors main responsibility? Helping their client’s - it is also a question about motivation. If a Realtor is more concerned with the perks or awards (luxury corner office, better job description, top-five in sales in their region) than they are in their client’s overall well-being and financial goals; they are likely in the wrong industry or need to reevaluate why they come into the office each day. If a Realtor’s only goal is to be top-dog in sales and get that ocean-view office they have moved from being a Realtor that serves to a self-serving power-seeker.

Most Realtors hate this analogy, but as professionals we are not unlike waiters in a fine restaurant. How can I serve you? Can I make some good recommendations? If a waiter in a

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Most Realtors do not suffer from lack of confidence. They don’t know all the answers, but they know enough of them to get through the day – a dangerous mindset as the professional is not growing or learning. One of the biggest obstacles facing Realtors is their egos, afraid to ask difficult questions from a client, pretending to know everything for fear of appearing foolish or amateurish. This is not a good recipe for a successful Realtor! The best Realtors understand that it is better to look uninformed for one minute than to be uninformed for the entire transaction. They always begin by asking questions, more questions, and then even more questions to fully ascertain the client’s goals as well as the specifics of the transaction at hand. If it is a

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