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BanCorp Realty’s management believes that the real estate industry is begging… pleading! for a new adapted, intelligent, quantum step away from its present antiquated marketing model, consisting of high-tech leads passed on to uniformed sales agents representing impassionate, visionless corporate entities. We also believe that actions speak louder than words and we refuse to conform to the exceedingly decreasing expectations that homeowners now have in their real estate companies. One example of these decreasing expectations is simply that of the common practice of taking a listing and then simply putting it on the MLS and then sitting back and waiting for another Realtor to bring a buyer to the table so the person can collect their 3% commission while in

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Humble Defined: Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking less of yourself.

Humility relates to minimizing the selfish ambitions and vain conceit which is so prevalent in the real estate industry today. “Look at me, I am one the top-ten selling agents in Orange County.” If we think like this it is all about my success, my needs, and we are no longer functions as a company – long removed from a team – but rather a group of self-serving narcissist driven by the “I am always right” syndrome. If a company is not humble they are paying attention to themselves and not their clients and they will not succeed.

Character is developed in the small issues and then is shown in the big issues. At the grocery store do we always push the cart back

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God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason: so we could listen twice as much as we talk, or to look at it another way, to talk half as much as we listen. In real estate if you are talking you can’t determine what a families goals are, what they want to accomplish or what their dreams if you are always popping off. If as a Realtor all we want to do is boast about how we can do this-and-that or how we have accomplished this amazing stuff in the past, how does that benefit a person? Is a real estate company going to walk into your home and tell you how crummy they are or how their past results have sucked?

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Being able to give expert advice, be a true advocate to a family only comes from astute listening – asking questions, and then asking more

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If you are in the process of selling your home and you know you are going to buy another one, or are currently renting and are presently looking for a home to purchase or a about to start, of you are not yet preapproved for your home loan: stop what you are doing and take the necessary steps to resolve this necessary hurdle. Why do I use the word hurdle? Because over 30% of escrows disintegrate because of financing, and this occurs for one simple reason: lack of planning and preparation on the part of the buyer.

One of the biggest problems that the buyer runs into is over estimating the capabilities of the lender and also their own strength in borrowing. Every lender boasts of great rates and will certainly tell you “sure we’ll get your deal done”, but

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Do people want to hear flattery or the truth?

BanCorp Realty believes in full disclosure and firmly believes that even though a person might not like it at first they will certainly appreciate it a short-time later: hearing the cold hard facts of the real estate transaction at hand. “My neighbor three doors down just sold their home for $780,000 and I want you to list my home for the exact same price.” Now we have done our homework in advance on this comparable sale and determined that his home had a custom pool, highly upgraded kitchen and professional front yard landscaping (all of which our prospective client didn’t possess). So, does BanCorp bend to the hopeful client’s wishes and list the home at $780,000 to secure the listing? No we wouldn’t. We

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Serving others is better than serving ourselves.

In our second blog posting of our three part series of a discussion highlighting BanCorp’s Commitments to Service Excellence I want to zero in on one of our most important bullet points, which makes all of our exclusive right to sell contract unilateral: or in other words they can be cancelled by either party at any time. We are unaware of any other major real estate broker that offers this feature to their clientele, so why does BanCorp?

To us the answer is plain and simple: if our client changes their mind about selling their home for ANY reason we are not going to attempt to enforce the remaining term of our exclusive right to sell agreement. Maybe our service level did not meet their expectations

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BanCorp Realty is committed to service excellence – at every level of the organization.

In BanCorp’s pursuit of easier and faster™ and far more effective Orange County real estate we have published on our website our 21-point commitment to service, or what we refer to as our CSE. We also call these our service guarantees to all the clients we serve. When you view BanCorp’s website you will see that we are a purpose-driven company which means that the “why we do it” is much more important to our management and team-members than the “how” or “what” we do.

By following a logical sequence of steps in each real estate transaction we are able to effectively manage the process: consistently earning our clientele higher rate of return on the investment,

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You won’t win if you use a boring Realtor

A real estate can’t grow with affecting change, and it won’t change if it is content with where it stands presently with its clients, stakeholders and vendors. A real estate firm that decides that it wants to “play it safe” likely is not growing and is stagnant and most likely is not looking out for the best interests of their clientele – regardless of whether they are representing them as a buyer’s or listing agent.

Why do I say this? If your real estate broker is not willing to a take a risk, even a small one, they are leaving money on the table in the short-term and that translates into larger long-term net loses relative to a person’s opportunity cost. If you live in a tract home and there have been 7

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In a previous blog posting we talked about how if you were not working with an experienced real estate professional when buying or selling a home you would likely be saying to yourself repeatedly throughout the transaction, “It Is Always Something.” This occurs when the Realtor (as well as the brokerage employing the Realtor) is unable to anticipate in advance all of the sequence of steps in the process that must take place for a successful close of escrow.

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It is said that foresight is better than hindsight, and we don’t disagree with that statement at all. However BanCorp Realty believes that Insight is the best type of sight of them all. We believe that when we come across a hurdle or a problem or any difficulty that might delay or cause a deal

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Everything Is Broken – But BanCorp can make the real estate process smoother, easier and faster™

If you haven’t noticed nearly everything in this world is broken: our economy is broken, our ecosystem is broken, our health system is broken – heck my kitchen sink is broken. With that being said your next real estate transaction doesn’t need to be broken or you don’t need to keep mumbling to yourself (out load or to yourself) “it is always something”. The ‘it is always something’ can be eliminated if you work with a proactive real estate professional that is able to anticipate and react to all of the moving parts that occur in a real estate transaction.

What are some of the moving parts in a real estate transaction or items that can cause hiccups,

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