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Goals | Actions | Results

Why BanCorp Is Better:

Given the complexities of any real estate purchase opportunity your family's vision requires a real estate firm with the strategy, expertise and agent specific service excellence to make it a reality. BanCorp Realty® has built a reputation for capitalizing on transactions for home buyer's creating value in the near term and equity in the long term.

Up and above our impressive technology is a multi-capable, results-driven real estate professional dedicated to your family's vision, goals and ultimate successes. Each of our Orange County real estate agents work hard every day turning families dreams into realities and we are excited about representing you in the purchase of your new home.

Where are

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Don’t Even Consider Making An Offer On A Home Without Having A Loan Pre-Approval In Your Back Pocket.

If you are in the process of looking for your first home or your next home and are not yet pre-qualified for your home loan, stop what you are doing and put this important step of the home-buying process behind you. If you wait to the last minute you might be delayed, frustrated or worst sitting on your hands. UBC Direct Lending Group can provide you with advice on everything from low down payment lending programs such as FHA's 3% down purchase program to FannieMae and FreddieMac's traditional 20% down financing programs - and everything in between including no income verification lending financing programs for self-employed borrowers to hard to prove

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Selling Your Orange County Home in 5 Simple Steps: 

1)       Choose your BanCorp Realtor®

We make it easy to find and choose the BanCorp Realtor® that’s right for you. We are active in all of the local neighborhoods and communities in South Orange County and make it easy for you to contact one of them. Work with a trustworthy real estate professional that you can be confident and comfortable with. 

2)       Ready | Set | Go 

We can provide you with inside Information for getting your home in tip-top shape and looking its best so potential home buyers can easily imagine themselves as the new home buyers.  Your BanCorp REALTOR® knows that potential buyers get an impression of your home, either positive or negative, within 30 seconds of walking

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We know Orange County real estate:

Bancorp Real Estate Group® has powerful information at its fingertips and this real-time real estate market data combined with real-world Orange County community and neighborhood specific experience helps us close transactions in less time, avoiding pitfalls and snares that might delay or even ruin a purchase offer on your existing home or a solid offer on your next dream home, in that perfect neighborhood before the home ever had the opportunity to even become public on the MLS. We put the power of our innovation and knowledge, a constant source of fresh new ideas that work, in this constantly changing real estate market to work for you.

We understand your family's dreams

Putting the power of real estate to

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Leaders by action and attitude - not words 

As kids we all played follow the leader. Being a follower was okay, but when we where the head honcho we had the best fun, creating innovative paths and interesting actions for everyone else to follow. In real life finding a real estate company with real estate professionals who can lead from the front is very rare: Fear of failure, lack of vision, sanctioned incompetence by management are just a few reasons why real estate companies today end up settling for ordinary and average instead of excellent. BanCorp Realty is committed to being the best entrepreneurial based real estate company in Orange County.

BanCorp Realty - Best Orange County Realtor 

BanCorp Real Estate Group leads from the front by walking our talk, honoring our commitments,

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Bancorp Realty believes that all of us want to be on fire and passionate in what we do, and we believe that each of us wants to make a positive difference in our lives, our family's lives and the lives of the families in the local South Orange County communities that we serve in. This is how and why BanCorp Real Estate Group leads from the front - by serving our client. When we shift the focus off of ourselves and refocus the attention on our clients, we are being genuine and sincere and have started to win a client's trust and confidence.

BanCorp Realty - Mission Viejo Homes For Sale 

We are a Purpose-Driven Company and we believe that the real estate industry is ready to start hearing fresh new words revolving around acts of, gratitude, patience, loyalty, kindness and goodness: not gossip,

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When you are ready to sell your South Orange County home for sale is important to note that only a very few percent of these homes transaction are actually sold by real estate agencies outside this localized area. When you take into account the luxury market, custom coastal real estate market and ocean view properties this percentage drops even further. The main reason for this is because the big national real estate companies are really “players” and they don’t move Orange County real estate as it would seem by their presence on the internet. The professionals who know the local neighborhoods and communities within Orange County are the ones who are actually buying and selling the homes – you might say that BanCorp Realty® is the straw that stirs the

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Part 2

If the real estate company that you are using to sell your home has a strict marketing review process that requires each new marketing idea that might assist the home owner in selling their home easier and faster – they are stubborn and using an old-school marketing model. If your Realtor has to jump through hoops and go across steep hurdles and submit materials to committees before they can advertise your home the way it needs to be advertised to draw the top market value you deserve – you are using an antiquated real estate agency. BanCorp Realty is willing to be audacious and disrupt the Orange County real estate market which will directly benefit the Orange County homeowners that we represent, allowing them to directly realize a greater

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Don’t Hire Average When You Need Excellent

Part 1

Is your Orange County real estate company boring average or ordinary? If the first thoughts that come to mind when you think about your current real estate company are mundane, tedious and stale you are likely working with an ordinary company - and your reward potential dropped exponentially as you are now settling for less than the best and are undoubtedly going to receive less than the highest value for your Orange County home.

BanCorp Realty - Newport Beach Homes for SaleWhen you hire a Realtor® you must be absolutely certain that the cost of hiring an average real estate company will not be greater than the reward it ultimately brings in(if your realtor is leaving money on the table you are in essence paying an additional fee, right?).

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BanCorp Realty recently wrapped up February 2014 with more users visiting and using our website and corresponding web services than ever before. That’s a very long way from zero hits, zero users when we first launched our fully revamped leading-edge user friendly Orange County real estate website back in 2013. BanCorp Real Estate Group was never created to be a “flash-in-the-pan” Orange County real estate agency or a “one-hit-wonder” either, our management believes that there is no finish line to the race and BanCorp Realty has barely even left the starter’s block.

 BanCorp Realty - Orange County's Fastest Growing Real Estate Agency

One of BanCorp’s goals through our interactive real estate website was to redefine how a homebuyer or home seller interacts with their real estate agency – and we believe that we are

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