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New Foreclosure Starts Drop to Eight-Year Low

Across the State of California the number of homeowners who went into the “normal” foreclosure process dropped to an eight year low in Q4 2013 which can be directly attributed to an improving economy, better foreclosure prevention efforts by lenders and higher sales prices of homes according to DataQuick.

There were a total of 18,120 Notice of Defaults (NOD’s) recorded in California in Q4 2013 on California homeowners which was down nearly 11% from Q3 2013. The number of Notice of Defaults peaked in A1 2009 with a record 135,431 NOD’s being recorded – quite a staggering number! San Diego based DataQuick has been compiling statistics on NOD’s recordings dating back 10 1992.

According to Jack Walsh,

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Some Simple Real Estate Tips To Get A Higher Asking Price For Your Orange County, CA Home

Many times family’s in Orange County overlook the little things when they are selling their Orange County Home and live thousands of dollars on the table for something that was very easy to have fixed or upgraded at very little expense. The bottom line is this; the home you are selling needs to be in the best possible condition – especially when you are in a competitive Orange County real estate market and you are competing against many other homes for sale. This means taking care of the major repairs that could deter a buyer from putting down an offer on your home (cracked pool or a leaky roof) if you can afford it and obviously the smaller repairs.

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Automated Valuation Reporting - Fact or Fiction?

Some of the nationally based real estate companies provide consumers with a automated home valuation tool (AVM) which gives them an instantaneous estimated value for a home. This predictive model can be interesting to use and many times will give the owner a “warm fuzzy” feeling about the home’s potential worth – regardless of whether the home would sell for that price in the open market. You see this home valuation tools have no way of factoring in improvements that may or may not have been done on the home or of the other homes it is being compared to. BanCorp Realty customizes Comparative Market Analysis’ (CMA’s) for each client we represent.

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The best home valuation tools provide a starting

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“Don’t purchase an Orange County home on credit (Finance) with money you don’t have to impress people you don’t know” Greg Steinaker, CEO BanCorp Real Estate Group. Recently it was reported that Americans put $1,300 on credit cards for every $1,000 they earned! This is just another way of saying that American are buying things that we can’t afford with money we don’t have to impress people we either don’t like or don’t know… We wonder why our government is in trouble? Our nation’s population is in trouble! One of my favorite quotes is: “If the grass is greener on the other side of the fence – so is the water bill.” Ever since I became the C.E.O. of BanCorp Realty I have never had to worry about my yacht having barnacles on it, you know why? I don’t own a

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Orange County Buyer’s Agent – How to Win Against Multiple Home Offers in Very Competitive Orange County Housing Market.

Part Two

Many times when a family is relocating to Orange County or if they are simply relocating within Orange County they will find themselves within a multiple offer situation, whether it is a very appealing listing price, very desirable Orange County home for sale or simply the time of the year. How does the aggressive Orange County home buy increase their chances of winning against other competing home buyers in a very hyper-sensitive Orange County sellers market? In part one of this blog I talked about the obvious: Coming in with the highest bid and also having a clean offer (lack of contingencies – having the pre-approval

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How to Win Against Multiple Home Offers?

Part 1

The most obvious way to win the dream home that you and your family have been diligently looking for is to come in with the highest offer – but even though you come in with the best offer, it could be 10% higher than the next best offer might not be enough if your offer is not a “clean offer”. A clean offer is highly attractive to a seller and this simply means that there are no or very few contingencies (conditions) that must be satisfied in order for the sale to go through or reach a satisfactory conclusion.

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The Orange County housing market statistics show that most typical type of contingencies that appear in a purchase offer are financing, home inspections and the worst (in the eyes of

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BanCorp Realty is not afraid to take risks when we believe it will directly benefit our Orange County, CA real estate clientele - in fact we like to think that we are audacious when it comes to real estate!  We made an executive decision over a decade ago that we would no longer conform to the status quo of the Orange County real estate market, or what we refer to as the increasingly decreasing expectations that people have their real estate companies. BanCorp Realty uses viral-hybrid marketing to get more buyers interested in a home, creating new and better marketing channels creating increasing and better purchase offers. In essence we are disrupting the existing ordinary (and very boring!) existing Orange County real estate marketing model.

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BanCorp Realty has released its Orange County list of cities that it currently services. In addition to the below listed 16 Orange County real estate housing markets, BanCorp Realty is also active in each cities local communities and neighborhoods. For a comprehensive list of BanCorp Realty’s service areas please visit www.bancorprealty.com.  BanCorp Realty was originally formed in 1995 and has been proudly serving the Orange County real estate market since that time.

BanCorp’s service areas:

Newport Beach Real Estate | Newport Beach Luxury Home | Newport Beach Custom Home and View Property for sale | Newport Beach Mansion | Newport Beach Realtor

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Newport Coast Real Estate | Newport Coast Luxury Home | Newport Coast Custom Home and View

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Sales of $1,000,000 jump across the State of California and are hyper-sensitive to the Orange County and Southern California regional market, the highest jump since 2007

Irvine CA. In the biggest jump in six years, homes selling for greater than one million dollars increased in California to the highest level since 2007, right before the National market crash. The strongest sales gains were at the luxury market's high end, with record sales above the $2 million mark, a real estate information service reported. This did not quite meet the record high which occurred in 2005 when nearly 55,000 homes sold in the State of California according to San Diego based DataQuick.

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The luxury home market has always operated differently than the more

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BanCorp Realty dominates page 1 Google rankings in Orange County real estate market. Google also thinks BanCorp Real Estate Group is the Expert Orange County Realtor®.

This is just one more reason why BanCorp Realty is one of the fast growing real estate companies in both Southern California and in Orange County. BanCorp REG is in the process of its major Orange County market expansion initiative and it is being picked up by all of the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing). It is not surprising as it is hard to be overlooked. BanCorp Realty has been buying and selling Orange County real estate faster than anyone else since 1995 and it is paying off for stakeholders as BanCorp’s management has begun a massive hiring campaign throughout South Orange

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