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An Audacious South Orange County Realtor

That is Part II of a Two Part Blog.

Orange County’s buyers and sellers are looking for audacity in their real estate brokerage, helping to realize fast-paced equity building that is intended for this market, but end up settling for average low-risk solutions 95% of the time. With so many like homes for sale here in Orange County, how can a Realtor not be bold, willing to take risks?

BanCorp Real Estate Group | Irvine Holding Company

Audacity in Orange County real estate allows BanCorp Realty to see beyond what other Realtor’s see, and requires an underlying confidence in the face of possible failure, criticism from other real estate companies around us and even possible financial loss to BanCorp Real Estate Group. Certainly not a conservative approach.

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This is Part 1 of a Two Part Blog:

BanCorp Realty is an Audacious Orange County Real Estate Brokerage. It’s incredibly easy to think outside the box when you have no idea what the parameters of the box are.

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Audacity is required to build an innovative Orange County real estate company, or to do things other real estate companies say you can’t do. BanCorp Real Estate Group’s management team truly believes that we could find a better way to boil water, if we just wanted to set our minds to it. Orange County needs many more audacious real estate companies like BanCorp Realty in its local ecosystem and is a perfect environment for bold risk-taking in the buying and selling of residential real estate.

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Audacity in Orange County real estate is

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  • Because achieving anything that is not truly in alignment with our company’s hearts and passions is not living, it is simply existing. If the pursuit of profit for BanCorp Realty or the increasing incomes of our team-member’s is the sole motivating factor for management’s showing up at the office each day, the results of such a pursuit would be a vain, day-to-day existence lacking passion, meaning or happiness. Certainly not the way that God intended for people to live their lives. 
  • Because BanCorp is not doing this to be an average, close-minded company that will do or say whatever it takes to make a sale, get a listing, or make it to the top – driven by fear rather than integrity and authentic in all we say, and more importantly what we do.
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The business that communicates together stays together.

People that come to work at BanCorp Realty end up staying here, normally for quite a while. BanCorp’s business is a party and we have invited all of our existing and future team-members to the party. BanCorp’s management team knows that when it gives its team-members really good directions, everyone will have a great time at the party. Communication in business is the map to the party.

Most real estate companies in Orange County are awful at the art of giving directions and their only communication is poor communication. Lack of communication is caused mainly by two things:

  • Companies don’t make communication a priority. 2) Leadership is so arrogant or fearful that they intentionally

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BanCorp Real Estate Group is listed as Top 1% of all Orange County Real Estate Companies – BanCorp Realty is one of the best Realtor’s in Orange County.

The management of BanCorp Real Estate Group is pleased to announce that it was named in a report released by the Irvine Holding Co. on January 19, 2014 to be within the Top 5 Realtor’s in all of Orange County, CA. You can review full press release here http://www.prlog.org/12270100-irvine-holding-co-releases-list-of-top-5-orange-county-realtors-top-1-realtors Besides listing BanCorp as one of the top Realtor’s in Orange County the report also stated that BanCorp Realty was considered to be a Top 1% Orange County Realtor, meaning if a client were to interview 100 different Orange County real estate

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“Psssst Hey we can get you a lot more for your home than that other Realtor, oh and by the way we just opened our new regional real estate office in Tijuana”

Here is some good unsolicited advice to consider when you are choosing a Realtor and deciding what strategic price point you want to set for your home as you come out of the gate and open up bidding on your home. When you sign your listing agreement, unless there is already a pre-arranged buyer in place to close within minutes of the home appearing on the Orange County MLS (a smart marketing tool to the listing agent if a buyer was secured without the need of marketing on the internet, publicly) no one knows what the home will eventually sell for – no one. If a real estate claims that “I can

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Focused Intensity over Time multiplied by God equals unstoppable Momentum


FOCUS: There are two primary reasons management loses their focus. The 1st is fear. The 2nd is greed.

  • Fear will cause a company to lose its focus every time because they are looking at all the potentials for failure instead of concentrating on success.

When a company gets greedy they are taking their eyes off the good of their client and lose focusGreed will take a company out of the moment and into a sense of celebrating victories that have not yet been earned.

INTENSITY: Some people don’t think of themselves as intense until they find something that they care deeply about. They make the mistake of being intense for the wrong things (ever get cut

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BanCorp Realty - Ethics in Orange County Real Estate

As management of BanCorp Real Estate Group a well-defined code of ethics makes decision making easier, faster and more efficient. The simple principal this organization is based upon. Is to ask if, when making this decision, the move causes us to lie or hide the truth (which is a type of lying), if the answer is yes, we know what the decision is to be made and it is a really easy decision.

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This may seem very obvious, but when under large or stressful situation that can be made to go away by sweeping it under the rug, it is tempting to do so, even for those within the firm with the highest integrity and ethics. But if we hold true to this principle and all leaders and management hold each

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An encompassing statement from BanCorp Realty’s C-Suite Management:

“The real estate industry is begging… pleading! for a new adapted, intelligent, quantum step away from its present antiquated marketing model, consisting of high-tech leads passed on to mostly uniformed sales agents representing impassionate, visionless corporate entities. Bancorp Real Estate Group believes that actions speak louder than words and refuses to conform to the exceedingly decreasing expectations that homeowners now have in their real estate companies.”

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“The Irvine Holding Company through: Bancorp Real Estate Group, provides and administers superior real estate products and services. At surpassing levels we will diligently strive to be the customer’s first choice in

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Why BanCorp can be different and better in the Orange County real estate market at the same time:

The Bible says: “…a double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

In other words; a real estate professional who can’t make up their mind or make a decision is unstable, unpredictable and can cause ruin to the real estate transaction. A double minded Orange County real estate agent will not last long within the real estate community. BanCorp Real Estate Group’s Management will never allow our decisions to be swayed or be based on fear or intimidation.

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If we are doing anything that really matters in the Orange County real estate marketplace, meaning we are making a difference in our company, with our team-members, in our communities:  influencing

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