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Why BanCorp REG is better.


When you are ready to sell your South Orange County home it is important to note that only a very few percent of these home transactions are actually completed by real estate brokers outside this localized area. When you take into account the luxury market and custom coastal properties this percentage drops even further. The main reason for this is because the big national real estate companies are really just “players” and they don’t actually move Orange County real estate as it would seem by their presence on the internet. The professionals who know the local communities within Orange County are the ones who are actually buying and selling these properties.

BanCorp Properties™ positions your home to be aggressively marketed locally, regionally, nationally and globally so buyer’s everywhere can easily view and locate our listings on our leading-edge user-friendly website, as well as the best known most widely used internet portals including:, Trulia, Zillow, Yahoo Real Estate, and every other “boutique” website that will get qualified buyer’s eyes on our client’s homes. If the website is relevant and making a difference, BanCorp REG™ will showcase the home there: this is just another reason why we are making ripples which are turning into waves in the Southern California real estate industry.

Bancorp REG™ is willing to take calculated marketing risks whenever we are able to position our client for a potential larger net gain or a faster and smarter real estate transaction that will directly benefit our client. We take audacity to increasing levels when are marketing a home, this is why we are one of South Orange County’s fastest growing real estate agencies – serving the Southern California housing market since 1995. 



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