Remarkable Outperforms Ordinary

Growing with BanCorp REG™ - exceeding expectations


Top-Shelf Realtors® aren't just well-informed, ambitious professionals who happen to be great net-workers with superior sales skills, and they simply can’t be categorized as high-achievers who give 110% of their abilities, 125% of the time. We know that 90% of all real estate agents in the United States already possess this type of energy and attributes. BanCorp Properties™ believes that what really separates excellent and Excellent Realtor from average one is their ability to manage their client's in a leadership role while still serving their client with a sense of command. Through a willingness to continue learning through real-world commonsense approaches to real estate that work, and through increased product knowledge (mortgage banking 101, title and escrow functions, discerning appraisals and so on) and their own trustworthiness - their greatest ability is dependability. A professional's ability in weaving these qualities into these core characteristics and then wrapping them into their overall professional presence is what causes them to be A Recognized Authority in Real Estate, a real estate advocate that people trust.


All BanCorp Realtors® are or are in the process of becoming excellent, versatile, real-world experts in all aspects of real estate, learning from some of the brightest minds in the industry who have a legitimate interest in their successes. BanCorp has decided to be a stepping-stone instead of a stumbling-block to our real estate professionals. A Realtor gets better by working with and associating with other excellent Realtors - you don't get in shape by hanging-out with a bunch of coach potatoes you get fit by spending time with a personal fitness trainer. While we see many companies in the Orange County housing market suffering from the Rocking Chair Syndrome – lots of movement but no progress – we see ourselves as an action-orientated, risk-taking organization able to bring order out of chaos, always remaining calm under pressure forever resilient to changes in the market.

BanCorp Properties™ is seeking enterprising and dynamic professionals effective at bringing a true, tangible and recognizable benefits to their client and our organization while sustaining the real estate transaction from start to finish. Our interest lies in professionals with strong verbal communications, who are never pushy or manipulative, and listen more than they talk. We are looking for outstanding professionals to bring into our opportunistic, motivational and philosophical opportunity of “What, How and Why we do It”. We are a successful, moving and growing, early-stage South Orange County real estate broker that represents a great personal and business opportunity for individuals who are excellent or are ready to become excellent.





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