BanCorp Realty's® Current Promotions

Quarter 3 | Quarter 4 | 2014

In BanCorp’s ongoing pursuit of easier and faster™ Orange County real estate transactions we are please to extend two promotions, continuing on through the end of Q4 2014. BanCorp Realt®y is always seeking innovative new ways to save our clientele money and get them in and out of the real estate process faster and far more effectively than any other real estate agency. We accomplish this because BanCorp’s management is always thinking outside the box – in fact we feel that it is incredibly easy to think outside the box when you have no idea what the parameters of the box are! BanCorp REG® believes that we could find a better way to boil water if we just wanted to set our minds to it.

Our first promotion if what we call our “Better 2gether Rebate”. It was designed to put money back in to pocket of our Southern California home buyers. The program is actually quite simple: BanCorp will rebate back to our client 25% of our gross commission – that is $4,875 on a $650,000 home! That will certainly pay for some home improvements on the new home. To register simply click the “contact us” link below, and then enter promo code “2102bcd” along with your contact information.

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Orange County Homes For Sale | Orange County Real Estate

Our second promotion which is being felt all over Southern California is our “Property Flipper” or California Bridge Loan Program. This program is for people who want to buy a fixer-upper and then sell it within a year for a profit. This program is not for the first time buyer, but rather the professional that has done this kind of thing before. The down payment requirement is 10% and there is no minimum FICO score requirements. This is the perfect loan for the savvy real estate investor.

Orange County Homes For Sale | Orange County Real Estate


Orange County Real Estate | Orange County Homes For Sale