Definition of Title Insurance

Orange County Title Insurance

Title insurance issued by an Orange County Title Company protects Orange County lenders against losses resulting from problems with the title. There are two different types of title insurance. The seller will pay for the buyer’s policy (insuring that the buyer has clear title to the home); the buyer pays for their lender's policy lender to ensure that the lender gets clear access to the title and is protected from any issues that may arise. Since the mortgage holder has the primary lien (1st mortgage) on the home, lenders require insurance coverage against any losses resulting from an individual who is able to prove ownership in the property after the deed is transferred from the seller to the buyer.

The cost of title insurance Orange County varies based on location and purchase price – lenders will always require an ALTA-Policy (American Land Title Association) in Orange County (vs. a limited policy which is allowed sometimes on HELOC’s and refinances). The fee for the title insurance policy is a one-time cost paid at closing, however anytime that a borrower completes a Orange County refinance of their home they always have to pay for new title insurance. The new policy will also protect the lender against any tax liens that may have been recorded between the time of the home purchase and the refinance.


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