Definition of Procuring Cause:

Procuring Cause (Commission) In Orange County:

This is the correspondence between a prospective client and a real estate agent that entitles the agent to a commission percentage upon the purchase of a home. If a client has worked with many Orange County REALTOR’s® it may be difficult to determine which is ultimately responsible for helping the client get the home. Disputes usually occur between the agent that wrote the offer and another that may have helped the client see homes in the past, so there's an investigation to find out which agent had first contact with the client and showed them the home they eventually bought. Real estate brokerages typically avoid procuring cause disputes by having their clients sign a buyer's agency agreement once they decide to work with an agent and their brokerage. The agreement commits clients to working with that BanCorp REALTOR® to buy a home. The length of the agreement varies, but usually lasts three to Four months.


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