Definition of Net Proceeds:

Net Proceeds of Sale Of Orange County Home:

The amount of money a homeowner takes away after selling their home is called the seller's net proceeds. This is different than the seller's equity because it takes into account agent commissions and closing costs owed by the seller.

Net proceeds are calculated by taking the gross sale price of a home and subtracting the following costs:

The total of all of the mortgages and liens on the property.

    • Commission to the seller's agent.

    • Commission to the buyer's agent.

    • Excise tax or Transfer Tax).

    • Any additional closing costs owed by the seller (buyers and sellers can sometimes negotiate over who pays which fees).

Your BanCorp REALTOR® can help you determine what your net proceeds on the sale of your home will be based on the selling price of your Orange County home prior to listing the house for sale.


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