Definition of Inspection:

Home Inspection in Orange County:

A thorough investigation of a home by a licensed inspector (click here for the requirements for being a licensed Orange County home inspector) to discover any issues or repairs that need to be made will be requested by the Orange County REALTOR’s® buyer’s agent prior to the final sale of the home. Once an offer reaches mutual acceptance, the buyer's agent will provide a list of recommended inspectors and help the buyer schedule an inspector to go through a predetermined list of everywhere they know they could possible find a problem in a given home – they are good at what they do! Home inspections typically run between $500 – 1,000 in Orange County depending on the square footage of the home.

After the inspection has been completed the buyer’s agent will have an opportunity to negotiate with the sellers to see if they are willing to pay for any of the repairs (asking for concessions). If the home is currently vacant it is a good idea to contact the listing agent to make sure that the electricity is turned on so that the inspector can test all of the utilities, garage doors, door bells, and so on… and if they have a pool, to make sure all of the equipment is working correctly.

What are the Home Inspectors looking for during the General Orange County Inspection?:


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