Definition of Exclusive Right:

Orange County, California Exclusive Right to Sell:

99 percent of BanCorp Real Estate Group’s real estate listings are exclusive right to sell listing agreements in Orange County. In this agreement we are able to ‘pull’ our client through the transaction instead of ‘push’ them. Whether the seller, the listing agent or a cooperating selling agent finds an acceptable buyer, the listing agent will earn the sales commission. If another cooperating agent is involved, the commission is typically split between the agents. In most markets, a 90 or 120-day exclusive right to sell gives the experienced agent time to effectively market the home. If the listing expires and the agent is doing a poor job, the seller isn't stuck with a bad agent. However, if the agent is doing a good job when the listing expires, the listing can be renewed. An alternative is a 180-day listing with an unconditional cancellation clause after 90 or 120 days. Since BanCorp’s exclusive right to sell listing agreements come with our commitment to service excellence, the homeowner has the right to cancel their agreement with us at anytime up until offer and acceptance or offer and subsequent acceptance.


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