Definition of Addendum/Ryder:


Addendum/Ryder in Orange County:

These are simply documents which are included with the Mission Viejo Real Estate Orange County Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement - that all BanCorp Real Estate Group agents are familiar with - that list additional information and/or requests made by the buyer to the seller for other items not stated in the original agreement. Please note that all language in an addendum can and will nullify the original verbiage in the Purchase and Sale agreement. An addendum to the Sale Agreement IS NOT an Amendment to the Sale Agreement. Amendments to the Mission Viejo Purchase and Sale agreement can easily be confused with addendums. An amendment is another type of document that is added to the Purchase and Sale agreement after it has been agreed upon by both parties to the transaction. When are Amendments used? It’s not a perfect world! Maybe the buyers need a little more time to sell their home or get their loan documents from their lender? Possibly they discover something in the home inspection that still needs to be repaired? Maybe the seller had to fly out of town unexpectedly? Whatever the reason, these amendments must be signed by all parties to the transaction; including the buyers, sellers and all agents.



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