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Commitment to Service Excellence/Guarantees (CSE)

  • When we come across a challenge or a 'bump in the road' we will go right through it instead of trying to navigate around it, pretend it didn't exist or hope it disappears. Experience has taught us it is much better to deal with circumstances and uncertainty "head-on" rather than put them off for later date, they always have the potential to jeopardize the transaction.

  • We believe in the Golden Rule – the "Real" Golden Rule. We will at all times treat others as we wish to be treated, common courtesy, care and respect.

  • If at any a time a client feels that they are being under served under represented, or if they simply change their minds about the real estate transaction, they can rescind their contract with us at any point up until offer/acceptance. All of our contracts are open ended.

  • We have committed, and will continue to invest the necessary resources to insure we maintain the most sophisticated, comprehensive leading-edge real estate databases. Because we have access to them, our clients have access to them, maximizing our client's ability to buy or sell their homes - easier and faster™.

  • We will very rarely make a decision on the spot, and we will never encourage our clientele to do so either. There are very few decisions in life that require an 'on the spot' decision, and a real estate transaction certainly isn't one of them.

  • We are strong negotiators but will never do so in a manner offensive to anyone. We aren't out to make enemies, but we aren't out to win any popularity contests either. With ethic and integrity we will secure our sellers the highest possible market-value for their home and for our buyers, the best possible purchase price.

  • We will never allow fear or intimidation to enter our decision making process, as it always leads to poor decision making and poor choices.

  • We believe in the Principle of Innovation, we are not afraid to try different approaches to putting a transaction together when it is our client's best interest, stepping outside the box is not uncommon for us and if we are operating in our 'comfort zone' we feel we are simply too comfortable.

  • We will employ and retain only the most excellent talent in the industry, requiring that internal and external standards of conduct be met, constantly and consistently exceeding the expectations of our clientele.

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