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Established: 1995


Bancorp Properties™ specializes in the sale and acquisition of South Orange County Single-Family Homes, Condominiums, Townhomes and Investment Properties. Established as a brokerage in Southern California in 1995, Bancorp Realty is always doing things we don’t know how to do so it can learn how to do them... We have always led from the front through example, believing that our actions always speak louder than our words knowing that we miss out on 100% opportunities we might have had because of the risk we didn’t take.

Bancorp REG™ was created first and foremost to be an excellent South Orange County real estate company. Superior in all we do demonstrated not through arrogance or pride, but rather through a sense of modesty and simplicity which we show through our service to others, rather than serving ourselves. Our determination lies not in conforming to the expectations of the existing real estate market, but rather in redefining how a home buyer and seller interacts with their real estate firm through leading-edge technology and authenticity in customer service. BanCorp wants to be and is committed to being the best real estate company in California.

We invite you to take a closer look at not only What We Do and How We Do It, but most importantly Why We Do It – you might be surprised.




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